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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am hungry

At about five calories a cup, chicken broth isn't exactly what I need right now, but it's a good placebo. And it gets something into my stomach.

Yesterday seemed like a step back. I could barely swallow. I tried to eat pudding, but it never got much past the top of my throat. It wasn't going anywhere. I am getting bored and hungry. Netflix streaming isn't working well to sync up the audio and video of some movies and shows I'd like to watch, including 30 Rock.

My trip to Georgetown for a meeting ended with me sitting on a cushion on the floor in the corner, legs up on a bench next to Wilson, passing out during a presentation.

After a trip to the Giant to return some movies, I tried some new foods. Sorbet is saving my life.
I let it sit at room temperature and melt a bit, and it cruised right down my swollen throat, relieving the whole way down. Sadly, this did not go for the raspberry sorbetto, that was too bitter for me to enjoy. After the sorbet, though, I felt better for a while.

I am obsessing about food. When I mused that this episode might change my relationship with food, I think I mean that I will be more respectful of what food can do to my body, and what is in it. Alex caught me in a somewhat lucid state Monday evening and we talked about my weight loss- I was down to 167 today. Granted, a lot of those 14+ pounds will come back when I start eating and living a normal life, but he postulated that I could have a Lance Armstrong effect- waste away the excess upper body weight and be ready to go as a lighter competitor. I can only hope. I also hope my stomach shrunk. My scale at home put me at 166 today. I'll get official numbers at the doctor's office on Thursday.

Even lower-quality foods are starting to look good. This article about menu design brought the Huddle House chain to mind, and when I checked the chain's website to look at the menu, the enlarged photo of country-fried steak transfixed me. It's culinary pornography. Right now I would eat a Grand Slam at Denny's, even though I am pretty sure it features bacon or sausage prominently. I just want to eat something, chew it around, savor it. I am friggin dying here.
A cake. I want a cake. Toast. Grilled cheese with vodka sauce for dipping.

My childhood family friend Katie Ferguson and her husband Rob ran their first half marathon this weekend in Kiawah as part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. They survived and evidently had a blast. A few weeks before the race she said she was getting to the point where she is craving running during her off day. That just puts a smile right on my face.

I've watched a bunch of movies-
School Ties- enjoyable if for no other reason than to watch some actors when they were younger
Date Night- An amusing vehicle for the stars, but the only thing that kept me watching was the sunk cost of renting the movie.
Greenberg- Too pretentious for its own good. Totally unsympathetic characters. Though it was made well, one of the worst stories.
Hot Tub Time Machine- Good for all the reasons Greenberg was bad. Likeable characters. Delightfully lowbrow. Glosses over the right parts of the story to make it a tale.
The Brothers Solomon- bought it for $1 in Cumberland last December- Easily the fourth worst movie I have ever seen. I had no idea Will Arnett could not be funny, but Will Forte, who I have thought was a bit of a hack, managed to write a movie that was bad enough for that to happen.
The Naked Gun- A classic of 1980s film. Good God I'm hungry.
The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down- I hate hipsters, but somewhat enjoyed this blunt mockumentary.
Most of season 3 of 24- Kim's bangs don't do it for me. I really liked Ramon Salazar, but that guy at the end was far too fashionable to be truly threatening
first seven episodes of season three of The Wire. Wow, I love this show.

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