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Friday, March 25, 2011

Go time

I was feeling pretty cruddy Thursday, so my five miles planned because one mile on the treadmill and two outside. I felt better Friday morning and went for a 3.25 pre-race jog around Falls Church.
I'm seeded sixth, which means little. Molz is planning on doing the steeplechase anyway. I just want to come through two miles feeling relaxed then let the race have it over the last 1800m. As boring and difficult as my solitary turnover workouts can be, they have equipped me well to kick when I have other people around. I just hope there are other people around.
I am also pretty sure I am going to skip the Cherry Blossom race in favor of another track meet, either at George Mason or Maryland the next weekend. I'll get more out of a track meet and can really use a down week with three workouts, rather than trying to squeeze workouts and recovery in before racing a distance I enjoy but for which I am not mentally prepared.

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