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Monday, April 5, 2010


I ran much of the same long run route in McLean that I did about five weeks ago that made me so enthusiastic about running, but the result was so different I can't believe I'm the same person. I slept in on Sunday, really needing it, then I cleaned my room, ate a little, drank some water and fruit juice and took a three hour nap. Again, I needed it. At 5 pm, when it seemed cool enough, I headed out for a 15 mile run. I kept 6:45 pace up for the first seven miles or so, until the Chain Bridge. I failed to capture the same vitality climbing Glebe Road that I did last time, and once I hit Chesterbrook I was pretty much drained.
I guess I didn't drink enough earlier in the day, or ran too soon after I woke up from my nap. For the rest of the route, I would run about a mile at 7:00 pace, then slow down and eventually stop. The rolling hills that were so inviting last time were cruel this time. I scoured a park for a water fountain, but I just couldn't find one. I cut about .8 off of the loop by heading directly home.
Maybe my body is saving it up for great races the next four Sundays...
No more long runs in April for me.
I'll be heading back to Pittsburgh Memorial Day weekend for my friend Charlie Seymour's wedding, so I will be able to run the Kevin Gatons 5k in Greensburg that Monday morning, a Hounds classic, run in honor of our former training partner who died in 2006. I routinely finish fourth after falling apart in the third mile...

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