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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to the sauna

Thursday afternoon, I ran 6.25 on the treadmill at work, finishing up with a mile a little under 5:00. I brought a small towel and a sweatband and that helped a little bit this time, but it was still pretty uncomfortable. I think I need a little fan to at least move some air around me.

Friday morning I slept in and ended up doing 6 miles after work, 6:20 pace for the first three and 6:40 on the way back.

Saturday morning I did an easy 3.5 on Fisherman and a few strides in my flats.

Last year, the GRC sent a group of eight to battle the Pacers at the Crystal City 5k. This year, it's....me. Andy evidently backed out, so it looks like it will be me taking on Graham, Moran, Viviani, whoever else they have. And I probably won't compare favorably, either.
But, I've always been better on a hot night than a cooler but humid morning. I have nothing to lose (except my entry fee): I am finishing up my first 100-mile week, I didn't exactly get to bed at a good time last night and didn't act as healthy as I could have and I'm facing down the adversary at one of their own races. I'm planning to douse myself at each of the water stops and just run myself into the ground. All I will need is a one-mile cooldown and I'll have 100 and that volume, moreso than a great race, gives me confidence. I just want to get out there and race.

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