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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cool and dry

I don't think I can go back to Virginia. The humidity...it's just too much... In the meantime, I am having a productive trip to Reno. Through Tuesday afternoon, I have run 58 miles through four days. I am running another five tonight.

Sunday afternoon, I got an easy seven miles in, nothing special. I tried to follow the trail along the river, but a lot of drifters in the parks made me think again about that.

Monday morning, I left at 5 am to do my long run. I had a 20-mile loop mapped out that would take me into the hills west of the city, to get a little elevation change, because the most I have climbed or dropped was 92 feet over the course of 6.25 miles on Saturday. I got lost, of course, about three miles in, when I crossed the Truckee River. I wandered around for a while and when I realized how lost I was, I figured I would either run the extra distance when I got back on course or adjust things. I probably had added about four miles when I got back on track, and I was cool with that. Running in weather that was cool and dry enough to wear a shirt was a treat, and I didn't care if it meant doing a little extra distance. When I got about halfway up the hills, I realized I had to be at the conference at 8:30, I realized my chances of getting back, showering and eating before my first workshop were slim if I ran another 28 minutes, I headed back. Toward the end, I thought I saw a sign that said "Robert Goulet House, right on McDonald"

I turned around and went back, but it turned out to have said "Ronald McDonald House, right on Gould." Bummer. I ended up running 7:07 pace, 2:24:30 for 20.3 miles. I felt fine the rest of the day.

Tuesday morning I headed to the north and went five miles out and five miles back, with a few hills thrown in there. I ran 7:00 pace on the way out and 6:00 on the way back.

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