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Friday, November 19, 2010

Just like that, wham, apathy

I ran the Albemarle loop on Monday evening, hoping for the same dark, spooky experience as I had a few weeks ago, but a few cars ruined it with bright headlights. I ended up averaging 6:40s for 10.6 miles.
The next day, I planned for an easy 10 miles, out and back heading west on the W&OD. I wanted to average 7:00 or slower, and I thought having half-mile makers would help me hold back. What followed was instead a frustrating series of splits that were too fast. I was usually about 10 second fast per half mile, which really adds up. When I would see my split I would try to slow down, but I would inevitably speed back up, until I finished 10.1 miles averaging 6:47.
I went to BCC Wednesday planning to do 20x400, after the warmup, the workout evidently changed to 6x1200. I ran the first one in 4:02 and felt ok, the second one felt better, but the third one started with a 77 second quarter, and as we were coming down the last 50 meters of that lap, I decided I didn't want to run fast anymore. I did a 32 second 200 and then just stopped.
Then I took the next two days off. Without the USATF cross country meet about a month away, it's hard to rationalize pushing hard in a workout when I should be recovering from the marathons.
It's been eight years since the Mt. Lebanon cross country teams lost Amy Fehr. I can't think of what else to say that would be appropriate here.

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