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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I don't know why I didn't expect it, but my plans to run to work on Friday met a lazy demise when I refused to wake up in time to do so. That left me with 12 miles to run after work, in the dark. I decided to try a loop up Connecticut and down Massachusetts, but I managed to forget that Massachusetts spurred off of the traffic circle near American, so I went a bit over and ended up running 13 miles instead, with a 6:43 average.

Saturday morning's run was about 13.5 hours after that, so I was a bit tired and not into running, but I managed nine miles to make it 70 for the week. Murphy, Wiggy and Big City and I ran the Ernst loop, in honor of our relocated teammate.

On Sunday, I ran a variation of the Chesterbrook loop, coming back on Williamsburg instead. I averaged 6:30 on the nose for the loop, with my splits averaging 6:20 at 5.65 miles (downhill the last mile), 6:30 at 10 miles and 6:30 at 12.3. It was in the mid 30s, but I was able to get by with shorts, which felt awesome. The climb up Glebe wasn't terrible, but wasn't form-relatedly transcendent, either.

I slept in until noon on Monday, sat around until about 4 then went out and ran an Oak loop- 10 miles, with a 6:37 average pace, supported by splits taken at 4.5 and 7. I bounded up Grove at the end. I credit this consistency, both in distance runs and workouts, to my ease of breathing. I no longer have to fight for every breath. I hope that either BCC's track is clear Wednesday or GMHS's is open Thursday so I can give 1000s a shot and see if I can keep this consistency going when I am on a flat surface and dip to 5:10.

Despite the ice that seemed to coat everything Tuesday morning, I am getting along pretty well in the winter. I haven't felt nearly as cold as I did at the end of the Marine Corps Marathon, which is good!

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