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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Drawing a line, for now

Having run a little more than 50 miles last week, with two 10-mile runs, I felt it was time to try a "long" run. I'm shooting for 60 miles this week, so as short as it seems, relative to the long runs I did last year, 12 miles would suffice this week. I put together a new loop, the Sleepy Hollow, and gave it a shot Sunday around noon.

It turned out to be a pretty good loop, especially the Sleepy Hollow section- nice hills there. Crossing Route 50 was a pain,though what lies south of it is ripe for exploration. The section on Columbia Pike was harrowing, but I can work on that. I stopped when I hit 84 minutes, and I was just at 12 miles, so I managed to average 7:00 pace. I will have enough time where I will be running for a while, I should appreciate the discipline of running lighter weeks for now.
Next weekend I will shoot for 14 miles, but will run slower.

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