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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Boring 100 mile week

Last Friday- Slept in, ran 3.5 or so on the treadmill before heading home because my only chance to run was at 3 pm and I was on a tight schedule.
Saturday evening- ran 7.5 miles in Schenley Park, Squirrel Hill and Greenfield late in the afternoon, averaged 6:57.
Sunday morning- Gathered a group together for a long run in the West End. Greg Brynes, Eric Shafer, Steve garrand, Moira Davenport, Laura O'Hara and Jess Gangjee. I was planning on running 20 miles, the first 90 minutes at 8:00 pace and then ratcheting the pace up until the end, but nobody else wanted to do 20. I also had a 15 mile course, so we went with that. It was very relaxed, since we didn't want to lose anyone, so we just kind of cruised along at a little over 8:00 pace, stopped for Gatorade twice. We did have one snafu when I led us on the wrong side of the Montour Railroad tracks, rather than the smooth paved surface of Napor Boulevard, we climbed over a lot of fist-sized rocks along the tracks. Brandon G drove to see us in Fairywood, and was waiting for us at the finish. It wasn't hard at all and given how rough I felt after the race, maybe it was better I took it easy.
Sunday evening- When I got back to Virginia, I ran an easy five miiles in Falls Church.
Monday- 7:40 pace for 5.8 miles as I did a Park loop before work, then I ran to Logan Circle and did a few miles with Elyse and then back to the office for a total of 7.4 miles. 13.2 for the entire day.
Tuesday- Slept in and skipped my morning run, did 12.5 doing a Pimmit Hills Plus at 7:09 pace for the first 10 then slowing down after that. I'm well on the way to 100 miles this week.
I'm looking forward to my running vacation in Giles County, and now I have a second trip next week. My mom and sister will be taking a bike trip, and I'll take the train to Cumberland, MD to pick up their car Friday evening, so I will get 10 miles on the C&O Canal Towpath then 20 in LaVale,MD over Mount Savage, which will be a rough climb the first half and a delightful descent over the second.
Wednesday- Did an easy 3.5 mile morning run on the Fisherman's loop.
Evening- miserable workout. Was going to be a five-mile tempo on the CCT, turned into me running kind of hard for two miles until I totally overheated, then I paced around like a demented old dog.
Thursday- Good morning seven mile run on the Park ++ loop, much much better than the night before. The evening run, 9.5 miles, was just before a massive storm came through. I was pelted the whole time with rain and enough hit my right eye that was was sore and irritated, but after fixing the brim of my hat I was alright. I slowed down toward the end, but the loop- a Hopewood+ New Virginia Manor, was pretty good. It was exciting to run in the rain, and refreshing.
Friday- Planned to do an eight-mile Westmoreland loop in the morning, and was doing fine until about 5.25 miles, then I just lost all of my motivation and headed back home for 6.5. I decided to hammer my afternoon run, but wanted to get out of the heat, so I got on the treadmill with a fan with the intention of running five miles at 5:15 pace. I was going great at three miles, and started bumping the speed up to 5:00 pace, but when I took a drink of water at about 4.25 miles, i choked and coughed a bit. When I recovered, I knew my spirit was broken, and the coughing got worse, so I cooled down and got a total of 13.5 miles.
Saturday morning I biked to Falls Church High School to watch the Notorious E.L.I. run a mile. I ran 5.5 around the park.
Now I'm off to Steve's cabin in Giles County for 4.5 days of running, sleeping, reading and eating. I am pretty much "going all Walden on everyone's ass," as birthday boy Karl Dusen puts it. Really, I am imitating Katie Jarocki's Quenton Cassidy phase. No electricity, no running water, nothing to keep me awake when I should be sleeping- it's going to be just what I need. I'll get a run in with Howard Nippert, hopefully catch Steve and hear about the fast-approaching Richmond cross country season, and get a lot of time on some trails, starting with 7.5 when I arrive Saturday afternoon...

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