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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A heated argument between my will and my good sense

My medium long run went well, despite the heat. I covered the first 10 miles at 7:13 pace, then slowed down for the last three. I did the Double Pimmit loop backwards.
Friday morning was an abbreviated road workout because I slept in- a 2:30 half mile in the first half of the Greenwich mile, then 77 and 74 for the last two quarters of the mile, warmed up and cooled down enough for a five mile morning. At lunch I hit the treadmill for another five miles at 6:43 pace, then came home and ran an easy Westmoreland.
Saturday morning I tried to do a long run that would involve a few loops near Falls Church that would take me to where I could grab water and hit 22 miles. I started with a longer Presidents' Loop, but it was full of mishaps.
I opted to listen to music and podcasts, because the importance of finishing a run like this outweighed the need for mental strengthening that I would get from running 22 miles with no consistent audio stimulation. Unfortunately, I managed to sweat so much in the first three miles that I shorted out the player after 20 minutes. I pressed on, and gradually felt just how humid it was, and how quickly the temperature was rising. But, I was running a loop on which I always felt good, so it would undoubtedly launch me into the second half with mileage under my belt and confidence that I could run the same distance again. It was not to be, however. After seven miles, I stopped to wring out my Pharaoh Hounds singlet that I wore to catch sweat from my upper body. I stopped again every 10 minutes and the fluid poured out. When I got to 11 miles, I stopped, and walked home. I could go no farther, and I had broken my routine of recovering from a bad long run one weekend with a good one the next. I still hit 100 miles, though.

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