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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who get stomped on and those who do the stomping." -Jesus

The week hadn't started off well, but it got better when I decided I had to make the most of each run, regardless of whether I could reasonably accomplish my goals, given the weather conditions.

I slept in on Sunday instead of going out to Walney to take another shot at my long run. Thinking it would be less humid in the evening, I put off the run for the rest of the day and headed out at 5:30. I planned to run seven 3.1-3.2 mile loops, with the option to stop by my mom's car after each one for water or Gatorade. The first two loops were okay, though I always struggle a bit around the pond. I wrung my socks out after the second, and took a long drink. I started to feel better on the fourth loop, but the 80 degree heat and high humidity were definitely getting to me. I felt like if I could finish four loops, I could finish the whole thing. I took a water break after three, and had to force myself to get up and start the fourth. I was feeling great through the first mile and a half, but as soon as I started to approach the pond, I stopped, turned around and headed back to the car, calling it a day after 11.5 miles. Not what I wanted to do, but I was wearing myself down otherwise.

I slept in again Monday and decided to do a 12-mile ratchet run on the Double Pimmit loop. The heat index was at about 101, and I definitely felt it when I left my apartment after work. I was doing pretty well until four miles, when I started to get faint. I stopped and caught my breath, then bagged the rest of the workout and got another four miles and a relaxed pace. As much as I worry that stopping some of these runs early might make it easier for me to quit on a hard race, I am not racing in these conditions that are causing me the trouble in workouts. I have to reevaluate my expectations for what I can accomplish when the conditions oppose my ability to function safely.

Things got better Tuesday morning. I went out for a Westmoreland and easily averaged 6:45s for eight miles. In the evening, despite some heat, I ran 6:25 pace for 5.5 miles and then cruised in for 8.8 miles.

I woke Wednesday morning to torrential rain, a treat. The temperature was hovering around 70, and I actually wore a shirt for the first time in a while when I did a seven-mile run on the Tyson Park loop.

In the evening, I met up with Wiggy, Dutch Paul, Dirk and Mike Cotterell for a long workout in Bethesda. After a long warmup, we hit the Capital Crescent Trail for alternating miles. My first mile, an easy one, went by quickly in 6:00, I turned and started a fast mile, which I pledged not to run too hard for fear of blowing up like usual, and ran it comfortably in 5:16. Taking a wide turn afterward, however, I slipped on the mud and fell, and then a half mile into my 6:30 recovery mile I sucked in some insects and felt an itch for the rest of the workout, but I came back in 5:17, and felt pretty strong. I took the last recovery a little slow- 6:49, but I followed it up with a 5:05, despite slipping in wet clay under a bridge. I felt great, dropping time significantly on each interval, and watching Wiggy and Dutch Paul run so fast (4:46s and a 4:34) certainly contributed to my excitement. I should have pushed the recovery more, but there will be time for that soon. It was great to have four consecutive runs that felt great and turned out well. I have to backload the week's mileage to hit my goal, but as long as I double, I can make up the ground I lost on Sunday and Monday. I ran 11 in the afternoon, for 18 total on Wednesday.

Thursday I went to work early and hit the treadmill for a consistent, 6:45 paced five miles to recover from the workout. The medium long run is this evening.

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