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Monday, October 4, 2010

I run when I want to run

I am getting a better feel for the tapering process now. I am sleeping more, which is nice. I am starting to relish the freedom that comes with lower mileage. It's bittersweet in that it's right when the weather is starting to turn for the better in my eyes- I love October and fall in general.

Friday I started a run with Alex, and he said we were somewhere under 6:30 for a while. We parted ways after almost four miles and I ran the rest of a Presidents' loop
alone, picking it up to average 6:15, with a half mile at 5:40 pace thrown in.

Saturday morning I did an Earnst loop with Murphy, it was sunny with a slight chill. I picked up a pair of Adizero Adios. Everybody says to not wear new equipment to a marathon, but after trying those shoes on I knew I had to make them happen. I wore them around the house and when I did errands on Saturday (after a three-hour nap) and broke them out for my last longish run Sunday.

The last time I wore shoes in the Adizero line for the first time, I ran 14:57 for 5k. I don't want to say such a race will happen again based just on the coincidence that I have new shoes, but I do have great affection for adidas racing flats.

Sunday, I added onto a Fineview Park with the second part of a Westmoreland for 13 miles at 6:28 pace,
with the first seven miles at 6:15 pace. It felt ridiculously easy. At this point running will just serve to maintain my metabolism and keep my weight down. I am looking forward to sleeping a lot in the next few days.

Until then, I will take two tips from Randy Moss- make some smoothies and run when I want to run, just as he plays when he wants to play.

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