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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Injury report

Two negative moves on the injury report- Emily Ward is out with a groin pull and Dickson Mercer has been downgraded with a hamstring injury. I was feeling a little sick this morning, but am better after a nap.

OUT: Karl Dusen (life), Joey Wiegner (achilles), Jake Klim (groin), Emily Ward (groin), Neal Hannan (illness), Alex Eversmeyer (face it, it was never happening), Sarah Morgan and Melissa Dorn (lack of preparation), Mike Smith (no idea)
PROBABLE: Andy Litten (glute), Robert Jarrin (everything), Dickson Mercer (hamstring), Chris Bain (calf)
ACTIVE: Jon Molz, Pat Murphy, Mike Cotterell, Christie Wood, Pat Hughes, Ryan Sheehan, Pat Reaves, Laura O'Hara, Matt Ernst, Shannon O’Neill, Dylan Keith, Billy Askey, Anne-Marie Alderson, Jessica Gangjee, Katie Jarocki, Chris Sloane

I ran an easy six miles with Will and Elyse around the Tidal Basin Monday evening, averaging 7:30s.
Tuesday I did a Pimmit Hills 6.3 at 6:38 pace. Tonight I am hitting the track at B-CC for three miles at 5:40.

I'm thinking back to some of the memorable runs during my summer of training and although this is more for my personal benefit than for any of you who are reading, these stick in my mind:
1. my failed long run home the day after Memorial Day
2. tempo run on the Double Pimmit on Wednesday night in late June, it was really hot
3. medium long run my last day in Reno
4. climbing and descending a mountain on the logging road behind the Cascades State Park in Giles County
5. failed long run in Cumberland
6. the tempo run at 6 am the day before Joe Wildfire's wedding
7. long run with Molz on skyline drive

Also, here's a cool photo from the 1987 Great Race in Pittsburgh, back when it was fast. Steve Taylor is in second about 1.5 miles in.

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