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"After I read a sentence, I get mad at myself for caring what you're doing." -Karl Dusen

Monday, May 17, 2010

I need to fill in about a week, here...

I never really wrote a complete entry for the last week or so, I need to do that.
Anyway, I had a nice little run in a drizzle today. 8.6 miles around the Woodley loop at 6:25 pace. I was hurrying somewhat to get back to work on a story about a program in Los Angeles, and the people I needed to talk to were going to be free at 7 pm eastern.
It was the kind of day that should be miserable- after two days of beautiful, sunny weather, it was a cool drizzle. That I thrived in the rain today was a good sign to me- that the frustrations with the two halves I ran earlier in the month was not based on burnout. The only thing I was burning out on was holding back. I am enjoying the "drudgery," the junk miles, and even though I'm just in the middle of a 75 mile week, it's a good sign. And, most basically, I enjoy what I am doing. I can't discount that..

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