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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After Sunday's aborted long run, I had to try again. Running before work, at least 16 of running, was a bad idea, so I decided to cobble together a run around the city after work to fit an errand in. I am trying to meet with a few groups to promote the GRC Father's Day 8k, and The DC Capital Striders are among the primary groups I want to contact. I was going to meet up with them and talk to various runner, get about 6 miles in, surrounded by 10 miles otherwise.
I ended up offering to help the Striders stuff bags for their race instead, then Laura O'Hara suggested I run with her. She would be ready at 6:15, so I started off down Massachusetts to Potomac and Pennsylvania in Southeast and added a lap around the Capitol and the Botanical Gardens.
Laura took me down the mall and over the 14th street bridge to the Mt. Vernon trail and a loop around the Iwo Jima Memorial. At this point, I was reaching about 10 miles and the heat and humidity had me worn down, but she kept me going. We ran into Klim and Dickson near the Lincoln Memorial and headed around the Capitol and then I headed back to the office for a cold shower. I felt pretty darn good, having totaled about 16.75 miles in the conditions prevalent that afternoon.
I unfortunately did not remember my calf compression sleeves, which I have come to really enjoy. I think they'll work wonders after long runs, though I am making it a habit of wearing them after most runs of six miles or longer.

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