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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's chilly again

Sunday morning I had perhaps my best run in Rock Creek Park on a morning when I had a lot of excuses to not run more than a few steps. I was hungry and I felt like I had been punched in the face, and my arms were really sore. I tried to point something out and my right bicep crampled. I really only like the first mile or so from the line, then it gets boring for me, but I managed well enough. I had to wear long clothes, which was a bummer, because I really enjoyed the warmth for the last week. I did a little more than 10 miles with Predator, Murph, Wiggy and Big City. I headed home, took a nice three hour nap, to equal the time I spent sleeping the night before, and went out for another seven miles on the Park Plus loop, with a chilly misting of rain.
I slept a hell of a long time the next morning, because I had the day off. I ran a four-mile warmup to George Marshall, put on some flats and started on what I planned to be 16x400: 71,71,73,71, 71,71,72,71, 71,71. I started taking longer recovery jogs after number six, because I was struggling toward the end. After a while, the drizzle and breeze chilled me so much over the 2.5 minutes or so that my breathing was less of a problem than my mechanics. On a warmer day, things might have worked out better, but I got some work in, and I was on the faster side of 71 seconds for most of them. I got four more miles in that afternoon from Pokey's dad's house in Rockville, which passed nondescriptly.
Tuesday after work I had a great distance run- 11 miles of an extended Presidents', which I ran at 6:21 pace consistently, according to spot checks at 4, 4.35, 6.95 9.8 and 11 miles. It felt great.
Also of note, these are delicious.

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  1. I am not as cool as you Charlie that is why I did not double yesterday.

    Actually, my training plan would not let me. Walking Penny and shoveling can count as my second workout.