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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

They're not all easy

The last 12 days or so spoiled me, because I ran great workouts every time out and ran a little faster each time I pushed it. I even thought to myself Friday, when I was starting to feel a bit of a cold starting and I finished two miles in 10:18 "this can't continue forever." Even on Sunday, my long run didn't suffer as much as I thought my cold would cause. Today, it caught up with me.
I was a little behind the game from the beginning. I was planning to meet Wiggy at Wakefield High School for 6x2k. It was an ambitious workout for where I am right now, but I figured I would let Wiggy chase me down while I ran a little slower ahead of him. I checked the Metro website for the bus schedule, and things seemed to work out well. I made it to the bus stop with seven minutes to spare, but it didn't come until 14 minutes after I was expecting it. When I got on board, I found a pamphlet schedule and it was vastly different than what I saw online. I realized I was going to be late and told Wiggy to go on without me. I made it there and found him having just arrived, and waiting for Daves Burnham and Wertz and Outlaw. We did three miles around the track to warm up, and I was already feeling light headed. I knew that early that 6x2k was definitely going to be ambitious, and I would have to scale back my effort.
I let the other guys go ahead when we started, but not enough, because despite my plans to run 80s and work down from there, I came through 400m in 76. I eased up a little more, but went 5:09 for the mile and finished in 6:28, feeling very relaxed. It was cold, though, and the recovery jog did more to hurt me than any running fast. I didn't join the others for their recovery, so I started alone, which helped for a while, but I still came through 800 in 2:35 before slowing to 5:12 at the mile but finishing in 6:29. Another chilly recovery, and I started in 75 and finished the 800 with a 78 before admitting I wasn't going to do much more worthwhile work on the track. I ran a long cooldown and did some drills, but not many. I was cold.
That said, the last time I did 2x2k, I ran 7:07, 7:01, so there is progress, just not as much as I would have liked.

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