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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting used to it

Tuesday's workout was a little different than what I had been doing. Since I am racing on Saturday, I moved my workout up a day and met with a few GRC guys at American's track. Murphy and Marren ran 2xmile 2x800, and I planned on something a little longer. Dylan joined me for 4x mile. It was raining and cold, so I kept my long-sleeved shirt and hat on but ran in flats. I am shooting for 5:20 pace at the Monument Ave 10k Saturday, so I wanted to practice running a little faster and having it feel pretty relaxed. Given the chilly rain, my legs never really warmed up, and were totally devoid of any springyness. While this totally blew, I welcomed the chance to practice running hard feeling awful. I stuck a little close to Murph and Marren on the first lap, they went 4:55 and 5;03, respectively for the mile, and so I came through in 75. I cooled it down from there and just took is easy, finishing in 5:13. For the next one, I let everyone go ahead and I chased Dylan down halfway through and ran another 5:13. The same followed for the third and fourth, with 5:14s, but between the third and fourth I had to take a quick bathroom break.

Wednesday morning I ran an easy six on Park at 7:17 pace, then went to Georgetown to run a flatter 6 out and back on the Towpath. I listened to Genghis Kahn and the Making of the Modern World, which was fascinating. I stopped at the turnaround and stretched and immediately felt better, which was also fascinating.

I am starting to be affected by seasonal allergies, which is really a pain in the throat. I didn't sleep well Wednesday night after feeling awful during the day. I gave up on the mouthpiece at 1 am and have just about had it with that thing. I just want to have my tonsils cut out as soon as is feasible.

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