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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A sudden drop in mileage

After Sunday's accidental overdistance, I was going to be running much less- just six miles after work. I tried running with the Lululemon running club in Logan Circle. It was alright- we had to deal with traffic lights heading down to the Mall, so that was a pain. There were also two fellows who insisted on racing each other every block, but stopping at the intersections regardless of whether they had the right of way from the light, on the way back. I surged once and got ahead of them with ease and I think that cooled them down a little bit. My legs were a little sore, expecially my right upper quad, so hopefully the easy six was light enough to get them ready for two workouts this week- 3x2 mile Tuesday and 16x400 Thursday.

In other news, Matt Llano ran 28:51 at Stanford last Friday:

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