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"After I read a sentence, I get mad at myself for caring what you're doing." -Karl Dusen

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

THAT's what they're talking about

Like Dirk a few days before me, I finally saw an elusive red fox while running around Hains Point on Wednesday. The absence of snow provoked me to run on the grass during my 10 mile easy run and as I headed up the east side, I looked up and saw this odd combination of a dog and a cat, traipsing toward me on the sidewalk on the edge of the river. I naturally did not handle this with quiet appreciation. I yelled "HEY FOX! RUN WITH ME!" and turned to run parallel with it for a while. It kept looking over at me for a few seconds, then scurried off. I went about my way and then managed to show up late for the free showing of Food Inc. at the Archives.

I looked through several pages of Google images for "running fox" and chose this one????