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"After I read a sentence, I get mad at myself for caring what you're doing." -Karl Dusen

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Whole buncha' raindrops

I'm combining Friday and Saturday's runs because they are pretty much the same in my mind and I really don't think anyone cares if I don't have separate titles for each day.
Friday I waited until after work to run and make a whole production of it, with a two-mile stationary bike warmup in the gym in my office basement, then a 6:55-pace 10 miles around the Mall and Hains Point in the driving rain. It stung the eyes. Then I did some backwards walking on the treadmill to loosen my calves and more stretching.
Saturday, after 10 hours of sleep, I joined Alex for part of his run, a Park 6, though I finished up Grove to avoid the hill on Highland. after trying to give my legs some semblance of a massage, I took a 3.5 hour nap, then ran 3.5 miles around Falls Church. I tried to keep the whole thing easy before my race, despite totaling 80 for the second straight week.

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