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Friday, March 26, 2010


Oh Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. I'm so sick.
I've given up on the mouthpiece because it dried me out too much, and I hoped that would help clear up more sore throat, but son of a gun, I was just getting worse. I slept in Thursday to get a little extra rest and scuttled my plans to run to work, instead doing an extended Hains Point loop after work. When I hit the wind, I scrapped my plans to do a short fartlek to get me pepped up for the 10k Saturday. I also desperately had to go to the bathroom, but all of the portable toilets were locked. I made it to the bathroom on Hains Point then just kind of slogged on, though things got a little better when the wind was at my back. I decided against running 12 miles and cut it to 10.
Little good is going to come from trying to stick to my recent volume of 80 miles a week. At this point I'm just trying to get by, not keep my training volume up. I paid $50 for the race this weekend, more for the train ride, and have been looking forward to it for months. I've never run, nor even seen the Monument Ave 10k before, and what a time to see it. Last time I lived in Richmond, 16,551 people entered the race. Last year, almost 33,000 did. I'm not often hung up on numbers, because those people won't be adding depth to the race field where I focus, but man, that's a lot of people.
I took Friday off. I wanted to sleep more than I wanted to get a three-mile prerace run in. I might change my mind, go for a spin around noon, but I'm not sure if loosening my legs will do as much good as staying warm and dry right now. It's raining in DC. My train gets in to Richmond too late to do a run down there, because Emily Ward and I are going to dinner with her neighbors.
I think a nap will do me more good.
Jon Molz will be shooting for 30:00 tomorrow. I almost wish I could watch him go for it, rather than probably struggle in several minutes behind. Matt Llano will probably be running a minute and a half faster than that at the Stanford Invitational. Jesus.... Go Spiders!
In other Richmond Sports Backers-related news, I'm no longer doing the Patrick Henry Half Marathon in August. Joe Wildfire's wedding is that evening near Morraine State Park in Pennsylvania, north of Pittsburgh. Although I could possibly make it to both, it's not worth the stress. Although I would have liked to run the race, it's friggin' Joe. And he's getting married.

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  1. Charlie - you need to just have a mimosa and watch the race. Sick = no good!