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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Early June

After Tuesday's disastrous long run, things were in bad shape for a while. Wednesday I went to the Washington-Lee High School track (hi Pat Fisher!) and met up with the Potomac Runners to tell them about the Father's Day 8k. I planned to run 11 miles (around the track). The heat around 90, but I hadn't fully recovered from the day before. Also, I had some really sore back muscles that made it hard to maintain my usual form. I eventually got going, but it wasn't comfortable, and I scrapped it after 7.5 miles.

Thursday, I waited a while and followed a storm for a 10 mile run around Falls Church. It was much much cooler, probably 75, and I averaged 6:25s. I enjoyed that a lot.

Friday, I failed to wakeup early enough to run before work, so I tried to force in 12 after work. It didn't work. I was going to head to Roosevelt Island and spend some time there, but my the time I got to the Key Bridge, I was dizzy, thirsty and tired. I headed back to the Mall, around around there and called it a day.

For a long time, I had planned on running the Race for the Cure. It has been a staple of my running for 10 years, and I only missed 2006 when I wasn't allowed to run. Since 2005, I have run it in memory of Kathy Kropf, mother of my high school friend Dan Hersh. She was delightful, a great mother and a wonderful hostess for so many parties in my high school days. She also succumbed to breast cancer after more than a decade. I got home Friday but but was unable to fall asleep. From midnight to 5 am, I tried and failed. I drifted off a little after 5, but could not wake up at 6 to get the bus and train to the mall. I woke up at 10:30 when my mom called to tell me something I couldn't retain. I ended up running a wilting eight miles at 7:10 pace around McLean.

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