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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi there, Hound

I woke up at some point Monday morning (around 3 am) and got up to eat something. My legs promptly failed me and I fell to the ground. Turns out the 18 miles in the heat got to me...
I woke up at ran a Park loop, but it was still blazingly hot and stiflingly humid. I averaged 7:30s, I think. I had to stop halfway up Highland and collect myself.

In the evening, I met up with the Lululemon RUN CLUB and did a very easy six with them, mainly staying with Will and Elyse. I struggled there, too. In the end I was just happy to be done, with 12 for the day. While staggering around after the run on P Street wearing a Pharaoh Hounds t-shirt, I heard my name, looked up and saw Jim, Melanie and Mae Hommes! They were in town while Jim does some research into the correspondence of a 19th century missionary. Sadly our schedules did not match up so that we could get in a run together, but it was a great surprise to see them, just an hour after I saw my colleague Bill walking by on his way home from the gym.

As much as I absolutely love DC, I miss the Hounds. That group that got me involved in 2004- Jim, Hack, Hans, Rich, Paul, Shafer, Ryan and Dan were, although older and more family-centric than I, great training partners.

Time to catch up on about two weeks of half-written posts.

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  1. Forget them hounds, you have red foxes and tugboats now!