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Sunday, June 13, 2010


I went into Sunday's long run with a lot of momentum and optimism. After a strong day on Saturday, I figured 18 miles would be a cinch. I woke up a bit late, though, and had to jump on the bike right after I got up and head to Georgetown. Either riding fast downhill or pedaling hard uphill, I was getting thirsty, but didn't take the steps to correct it. I arrived in time to talk to the Washington Running Club about the GRC 8k, but soon enough before 8 am that I didn't really have time to relax and rehydrate. We started off and I ran with John, a fellow who runs with the Potomac Runners and lives in Falls Church. We had a good five miles or so together before he turned around and headed back. His son is going to VCU in the fall so I gave him a heads up about what I like about the Richmond area. We were going a little fast, though, and when we stopped for water I noticed how much of a toll our pace had taken on me. I ran with Dan, Max and TJ for a bit until we hit another water fountain, but I needed more time to douse my head. When I stopped, I couldn't imagine running much longer. We were at about nine miles. They other three had moved up ahead and I kept an equal distance behind them for about eight minutes. Then, after crossing a bridge and looking out for a swarm of cyclists, I just stopped. I tried wringing out my socks (disgusting, I know, but get over it) and starting again, but I just couldn't do it. My hands were dry, which made me worried I had stopped sweating. I walked along for a while and realized I had my Metro and debit cards in my pocket, a recent development in my long running after my disaster two weeks ago. I walked a bit farther until I caught a semi-major intersection and caught a cab. The air conditioning chilled my weary frame, draped in wet shorts and a shirt. I reconvened with the group at Dean and Deluca and gulped down two containers of orange juice. Expensive, but delicious.

I went home, watched a movie, and took a nap. At about 7:30, I headed out to finish off my mileage for the day, though it violated the spirit of the single long run. I combined a Pimmit Hills loop with a trip up and down Highland for another eight miles (which felt like they nearly killed me). Afterward I sat in the shower for about 10 minutes and let cold water bring me back to life.

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