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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Early morning

After a late night, partially extended by just missing a Metro from McPherson Square after midnight, I got up at 5:45, ready to bike to the city for a day of running-related activity. Joe and Neal were running the Lawyers Have Heart 10k and the GRC team was manning a few tables to hand out water along the towpath and in front of the Watergate. I was going to catch people after the race and encourage them to run our race. I got going a little late but the ride was relatively easy. I parked my bike near the Glover-Archibald trail, about a mile and a half out from the start of the race, so I'd have a little cushion in case my run didn't go well. I headed off on a pleasant, Wisconsin Ave-centric loop to River Road and Western Avenue, then down to Macarthur. It was humid, but not too warm, and the loop was mostly shaded. Pleasant enough running conditions.

As I finished, I worried I would be late for seeing Wiggy and Neal go by, and I doubted my directions, so I took an ill-suited detour, but recovered, surged the last mile or so and reached my bike with time to spare before the runners came by. I saw Wiggy, then Karl (a surprise) and Neal run by, all looking relaxed. I also saw Lauren, Jessica McGuire, Will and Elyse and someone else I can't recall.

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