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Thursday, December 24, 2009

10th WPIAL alumni run

I made it to my mom's house around 2 am Christmas Eve and got right back up at 8 to get ready and go out to the Mt. Lebanon track for the annual WPIAL alumni run. We had a solid turnout in the 18 degree day: Greg Costello, Ryan Bell, Robin Garber, Ryan Sheehan, Dan Mazzacco, Brian Quinn, Dave Adley, Jeff Haines, Brandon G, Michelle Corkum, Timmy Wu, Greg Byrnes, Fonzie and Kyle Gibson. Not as big of a crew as last year, but alright.

We ran a rolling 8.2 mile loop we've stuck to the last few years at 7:20 pace. The loop is pretty tame, by Mt. Lebanon standards, but Brian Quinn kept asking about a huge hill, but I didn't recall it, until we turned onto Kane Boulevard and I saw it, and it hurt, but the easy pace helped the pain a little.

Afterward, we had greasy breakfast at Gab ' n Eat in Carnegie, a Lebo track and WPIAL alumni run favorite, featured in Where We Like to Eat 'nat

Marco Dozzi, Michelle Corkum and Brandon G. Gillingham
enjoy breakfast at Gab 'n Eat

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