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Sunday, December 6, 2009

See you in hell, snow

I slept(?) eight hours Saturday night, sleeping in Sunday in hopes that the snow and ice would have melted in the meantime. They hadn't. It wasn't so much of a problem as an annoyance, because a mile of my planned eight-mile run (LaMarr Woodley 8) was on the W&OD Trail, and unlikely to be either plowed or untouched since it fell a day before. It was pesky to deal with frozen footprints and uneven ground, but at least it was all on top of a hard surface that I usually curse when there is no snow. I hit plenty of rolling hills, which is one reason I'm starting to like running in Falls Church- it's not Pittsburgh, but I can still get a few moderate hills in the residential areas, and I rarely have to stop for traffic. It definitely beats the city in that regard.
Despite it being 40 degrees, I still should have worn pants, because the ice that i kicked up ended up scratching the inside of my thighs and knees and it felt turrible afterward.

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