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Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to work on my form

There was a change in plans and rather than leaving Pittsburgh for DC at 4 am to get back for work today, my friends and I were scheduled to leave at 4 pm, so I wound up with an extra day in Pittsburgh, which I naturally exploited for an extra day to run there.

My mom has the week off of work, so we drove out to Sewickley and ran there, each having a wonderful time. I did a 10 mile loop, one of my favorite Pittsburgh runs -- a list that is forthcoming -- that started with yet another two-mile uphill. It wasn't as bad as yesterday- it was steeper than yesterday's uphill, so I wound up concentrating on my form, because there's nothing like a steep hill to force you to be as economical and efficient with your mechanics. I feel like for the rest of my run, I stuck to an efficient stride, because I definitely felt it later on.

It was 22 degrees with maybe a half inch of snow, but none on the roads. I didn't have my watch, but the clock in the car passed about 64-65 minutes, so despite not feeling fast (and my pace surely suffered up the hills) I managed a decent 6:30 pace.

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