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Monday, December 21, 2009

slow in the snow

Missing a run yesterday, and the likihood that I'll miss Wednesday, means I have to get in 10 miles a day to hit 50 this week. Alex was skeptical that I'd manage to get 10, given the amount of snow and ice on the roads, but I showed him! YEAH I DID. To be honest, it wasn't entirely pleasant- the stretch alone the W&OD had snow to about my knees, and many times I stopped and waited for cars to pass. For the most part, everything that should have been clear was. I got an earlier start because I left work early,though to be accurate I could have left whenever I wanted. The federal government had a snow day and evidently my office did too, though nobody mentioned that to me. The worst part of a work day for me is waking up, so as long as I had done so and gotten to the office, I figured I might as well stay and get things done, but I left with enough time to have some daylight for my run, but not terribly much. Whenever I had decent stretches of sold snow or pavement, I picked it up, but I mostly ran around 7:00 pace. The four laps of the Metro loop weren't terribly interesting, but it was a simple way to get two extra miles to make it about 10.2.

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