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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Running in the dark, again

Now that I'm back in DC and working, I'm running at night again, and after coming home in 25 degrees with lots of wind and not as much sleep as I would like, the last thing I felt like doing was running. I managed to scrape myself off the floor and run Park Six, gleefully finding all the snow melted, aside from a few piles that had been plowed. I felt light on my legs and ended up running 6:14 pace. It was fun, but then I had to get on my bike and get out to the library to pick up The Cold Six Thousand and to two different running stores to try to find the new Washington Running Report, which I failed to find. My friend and quasi teammate (I graduated two years before he came to Richmond) Matt Llano is on the cover and I assume featured prominently in some article, along with Andrew Benford, Jon Molz, Emily Ward and Jon Wilson, since they all did quite well at the Richmond Marathon and ancillary races.
Mary Bertram and Sherry Hannay made the fall women's rankings and Pat McGuire and Karl Dusen made the men's rankings.

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