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Thursday, December 17, 2009


"Don't attack a hill from the bottom -- it's bigger than you." -former Penn State coach Harry Groves (left)

"&#@*!"- Harry Groves, the first time I met him

Adjusting to DC/northern Virgina's lack of hills, relative to Pittsburgh, has been challenging and a constant concern. I no longer get the secondary strength workouts intrinsic in tackling the hills common to any route I would run before, so I route many of my runs on Highland Ave, with either a steep or a long incline depending on the direction. I chose that for a light hill workout. Highland itself is .51 miles long, and I ran it so that the .35 uphill preceeded the .16 downhill. I ran about 3:05 for four repetitions, though I admittedly forgot how long a half mile uphill was and burned out early. I also didn't take the downhills too fast. I coupled that with a .84-mile recovery loop. A decent and easy workout.
Got a total of 7.5 miles.

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