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Monday, December 7, 2009

I make some new friends for about five minutes, but manage not to alienate any of them immediately

After weeks of missed opportunities and conflicting schedules, Melissa and I got together for a run, our first since my disastrous sleep study in late October. I planned a seven-mile run- a mile and a half from my office to the Smithsonian, four around the mall with Melissa, then the run back. I ended up running 12 miles

After a sedate but enjoyable jaunt around the Mall, we neared the end of our run and we came across a group of athletic-looking youngsters. Melissa suggested I go for a run with them, and when a representative of the group reacted favorably, I figured, why not. Well, after four miles of 8:30 pace, my legs were itching to go, even if I convinced my mind that the day would be entirely social. After bunching up with at a traffic light, I wound up in the front, running with a fellow named Tony and his friend Susannah, I think. When I looked back, I realized we left everyone behind, and soon Susie was gone, too. So I chatted a bit with Tony and I stretched the sum of my city running, headed back to the office to grab my clothes and meet the people I with whom I did but didn't really run for dinner. I had the second-worst calamari in my life, the worst being at Olive or Twist March 3, 2007.
Then I got tired and went home, having met some new people, but not terribly optimistic I'd see them again. It happens...

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