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Friday, February 12, 2010

Back to work

The federal government finally reopened and with it, my office, which follows the feds. We ended up getting a two-hour delay Friday, which is just as well because in addition to dealing with waking up three hours earlier than I had been, I had to run to an underground metro station, deal with various delays once I got on a train, buy a towel and shampoo at Bed, Bath and Beyond's "beyond" section and shower before I started work. I am not good at morning runs at this point. Every Saturday morning run has pretty much been a disaster, so I have to start working on that. today's was no different. I managed 6:30 pace for most of the eight miles to the Rosslyn station, but I felt awful. Maybe it is all the training- I'm up to 75 miles this week. I generally feel really good but I am just trashed today. It's probably the lack of sleep, which sounds dubious, given my surperfluous napping this week, but I kind of got my days and nights mixed up. Oh well.

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