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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day 3

After two days of doubles, I held out for one run today- a fartlek in the Metro parking garage. Alex and I went over there are around 7 and planned to do 10 x 3 minutes hard, but upon arriving, we saw the savage winds had turned what should have been a clear 1200 meters or so of dry land into an inch or so of snow with ice here and there. We scrapped the workout and just took care of some distance going and up and down the garage, noticing each time we passed that the wind had caused our footprints to fill with snow, rendering our previous trips a less-empirical memory. After a few miles of that, we hit the road for a loop in the snow, only passing a few cars but not really facing awful headwinds until the last stretch. I guessed it at 9.5, Alex told me later it was 9.55. I guess I'm not as bad at estimation as I thought.

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