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Saturday, February 6, 2010

It has been brought

Well, how about that snow? Comparatively, my part of northern Virginia and DC didn't get as much over Friday night and Saturday, just about 16 and 17 inches, respectively. Some parts of Maryland toward Baltimore had 30 inches. Anyway...
My friends Mary and Rob persuaded me to come to a party in Clarendon Friday night, with the promise of a place to stay that night when the metro stopped operating above ground. I don't know why I didn't pack running clothes with me when I left, but I didn't. In the morning, the reality of having to somehow get in 10 miles struck. Luckily, Rob lent me sweatpants and a shirt, and I remembered I had a pair of shoes in my office. As it turns out, I also had a short sleeved shirt. I bought some cheap shorts and socks at City Sports and walked to north Capitol Hill and got into my office, then ran two loops around the Mall for 10.5 miles at 7:20 pace. I stuck to the quasi-plowed streets, and while running along Constitution caught up to and passed a group of five plows. When I finished and got back to the office, the showers in the gym did not manage to produce any hot water, which was a problem.
Despite the lengths I took to run, it never seemed silly to me to spend my time like that. In following through, I had my first 70 mile week since August, and I am pretty happy to be back there. I'm feeling fitter and if I keep adapting to the workload, I can see myself making some big gains.
I'll get a taste of 75 miles next week before I come back down to 70, though it's going to be hard to get 15 tomorrow, what, with all of this snow all over the place...

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