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Monday, February 22, 2010

Despite the loss of feeling in my extremities, I still prefer rain to snow

I didn't wake up before work to run, so my hopes of doubling were squashed. Then Melissa canceled our evening trot because it was supposed to rain, so I set out from my office after work to get in 10 miles around the Mall and Hains Point. The drizzle didn't seem so bad as I worked my way counterclockwise around the mall, but once I got to Hains Point, the deluge was constant. I rushed the run, having little shelter from trees, no long pants and no gloves. I had a pretty solid pace for a while until I hit a red light at 14th street and had to wait for a minute to cross. I ended up averaging 6:15 for 10 miles which made sense, given the flat loop and my haste to get in from the rain.
If nothing else, the rain helped expedite the snow melting.

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