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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Favorite Defunct Races #5

McCandless Rotary 5k This race made me enjoy road racing. After having a thorough beating the week before at Brentwood in 2000, I was understandably concerned that running in college was not a wise idea. Before giving up, I figured it was worthwhile to take a shot at another race, one that was a little less competitive on the high end, with less pressure. I found the McCandless Rotary 5k on the Runners High Web site and made a trip to Wexford to run it. I wore my blue West Penn Relays t-shirt from 1997, the asics blue and yellow harrier flats and a gigantic pair of white shorts I had wound up with after gym in high school. I looked like, as a former Richmond coach would put it, like some "goon from the dorms."

Knowing the race was a lot less competitive than Brentwood, I had no fear hanging with the lead group. I wasn't sure if perhaps I could break any of these guys, and I certainly didn't have the confidence from my short road racing experience to try. I just kind of ran along with them until I tired out at 2.5 miles. Then I lagged around in no-man's land until Matt Manfred, a Hampton alumnus, caught up with me and I outkicked him to the finish, winning my age group for the first time.

It wasn't a terribly interesting course- around a movie theater parking lot, then a short loop on Ingomar Road, run twice. It was flat, pleasant and low key enough for me to get excited about racing again. The weather was mild, despite the mid-July timing. I ran it again in 2001, but in 2002 it was off the schedule, replaced, I assume, by the North Allegheny 5k XC race. I couldn't justify helping those clowns.


  1. Charlie, have I already asked you what the masthead picture of your blog is from? Are you falling across the line?

  2. Keep following the countdowns... The answer will be revealed later

  3. It looks like someone was using unbreakable finish line tape.

  4. also, Towpath, there is no masthead on my blog. There is, however, a "flag"