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Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Day 1

Upon hearing Sunday night that I would not have work Monday, I decided to sleep without an alarm, which was marvelous. I woke up, alerted Alex and we went out on a six-mile Park loop. It was mostly clear, except for the uphill on Mt. Daniel Road and the obvious trail section in Falls Church Park. I was so happy to be on solid ground that I ran a little faster than I should have if I wanted to truly run with Alex, so I felt a bit dickish, but it was hard to bridle my enthusiasm for being able to touch the ground.
I had some pancakes and cream of wheat and took a nap, then went out planning for another 6, but found Pinecastle hopelessly snowy and after one loop headed back and ran around the plowed but vacant road from the metro station to route 7. I did happen to run into a block of ice sticking out of the snow and bruise my shin miserably, but I cut the run at about 5.5 miles.
I liked the double, but I wish I had kept going in the morning, maybe eight miles. The poor conditions in the afternoon were a real pisser.
Another snow day tomorrow- I'm shooting for six more in the morning, probably another loop on Park- because it's reliable- and then a fartlek in the metro parking garage, though now that above-ground service is back there might be cars in there. With the federal government shut down again, maybe it will be relatively empty... Yeah, this will be a disaster...

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