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Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's all uphill from here

The weekend was pretty productive in terms of getting some work on hills, something I felt was lacking in my routine during my cooldown Wednesday.
Saturday I ran from the GRC store in Chevy Chase with Klim, Murphy, Max, Ernst and Mike. We went about five miles south almost to Dupont, then turned around. I initially wanted to do a five-mile tempo in the middle, but leaving my watch at the office on Friday complicated that. Murphy also wanted to get some up-tempo work in, so we decided to do a shorter tempo on the way back to the store. That, unfortunately, meant spending most of the workout running uphill. I handled the first 5:30 pretty well, then suddenly faded. Once I had some grass to run on, I was able to catch back up. The second interval, at six minutes, was bound to be easier and less uphill, but I still faded at 5:30. The third- three minutes, was bad enough until I let two cars make turns in front of me, effectively seperating myself from Murph and Mike. Even if I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out, I was still glad to get 19 minutes of hard running that I wasn't otherwise planning. I ended up with 75 miles for the week.

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