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Monday, January 4, 2010

Look! There's the sun!

I took a long lunch today to run with Laura O'Hara from the Mall, and despite missing my lunchtime nap, it was a good decision. Running in the sunlight was one of the best motivators, after the painful last few miles the night before with stomach cramps. It was windy, but nearly as cold, probably in the mid 20s when we ran. I can't remember exactly where we went, crossing the Arlington and 14th street bridges, but it was a nice relaxed run, trading stories about health disasters while running in college. Totaled 63 minutes, and I'm calling it nine miles.
Crossing the Potomac reminded me of Caitlin Palko running the Marine Corps Marathon in October, and since I have this picture of her running around North Park with her dad, I might as well use it now, to add a little color to an otherwise-bland series of posts.

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