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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I doubt Long John Silver would lend his name to an inferior product...

This was a tough one. I haven't felt rested after sleeping the last two days, and by this point it was really catching up with me. I had to force myself out of bed each morning and by noon today I was a human wasteland. Work was no picnic, either. With my goal mileage of 60 this week, I was definitely hoping to stick to it by running decent chunks daily, even if it meant doing so in the dark, but dark, cold and sleepy is no way to run. Luckily, the temperature had warmed to 29 by the time I got home, despite a 19 degree windchill that didn't really bother me, so I managed to get going. The hardest part for me, often, is motivating myself to be cold for a few minutes, even if I am sweating by the end of the first mile. I am also invariably colder in my room, no matter where I am, than I am outside, usually because my movement is pretty limited in my room and by the time I'm outside, I've walked down the hall and the steps. So, just getting outside is the big obstacle. There, that's your motivational technique, Shara.
I left my watch at work, so I didn't worry too much about the time for this new amalgamated Pimmet-Idylwood loop I debuted, 10.75 miles. It was really nice, aside from a few blocks on Idylwood toward the end in which the sidewalk ended in someone's yard. The residential streets in southern McLean are almost always clear, so they're good for night running. I'm up to 31.5 for the week, so I will either take Thursday off or make it a really short day and have a short run Friday.
Non sequitor- I enjoyed some food from Long John Silver's Monday night and while it might not have been the healthiest dinner, it was really satisfying.

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