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Monday, January 11, 2010

Favorite Pittsburgh Runs #9

Freezing Highand Park Midnight Run

I showed up at the Pitt indoor track one Thursday night in February, hoping to get in a workout when the temperature outside was around 10 degrees. To my chagrin and delight, I found the Mt. Lebanon track team, among many others, using the track for a meet. I waited it out, and started to warm up, but was soon interrupted by the custodian, who said he had to close the facility in 10 minutes. Furious, sweaty and forced to go home, I waited for a bus in the cold and upon reaching home, I went out and ran in spite of the cold and the advanced hour. I could have come back after running five miles, or 7.5 miles, but instead I didn't turn on Staunton and ended up doing almost 13 miles. A medium long run at night is one thing in the middle of July. In February, it's something entirely different. But I wasn't terribly cold. Obvsiously, wind would bother me after a while when the sweat would build up, but I think I mentally and physically broke through during this run, and cold weather hasn't bothered me since, aside from some dry skin.

This loop had been a mainstay even before this miserable night, but it was a lot more fun after. And warmer.

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