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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Never go to a track workout without a watch

A lot of my effort to get a good night's sleep Tuesday night was moot at midnight, when my watch beeped at the top of the hour. It was right next to my head on the bedside table, so I picked it up, turned to alert off and threw it at my gym bag, thinking in my sleepy state that it landed in the bag and I needn't worry about it when I left for work.
Oh dear, I was wrong.
We had a small crowd- me, Klim, Karl and Dave, with the promise of Wiggy doing a distance run on the track. The workout was 6x800, and Karl talked me into trying it out, though I initially tended toward running with Joe. His argument was solid- there are a lot of times I'd come to the line at a race feeling awful, so I should get used to running in that condition.
The other three planned to start at 2:20, which is ridiculously fast for me right now, so I lagged behind and counted when the first of that trio crossed the line to determine my time. 2:29 for the first. 200 meter jog. I got a little precotious this time and left when they did, but after 250 meters was struggling for air. I finished in 2:35 but was done. No need to continue that mockery of a real workout. I ran a few miles with Wiggy while the others finished up their workout, then joined them for the cooldown.
Then Dave and I went to McDonald's. That was my third mistake...

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