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"After I read a sentence, I get mad at myself for caring what you're doing." -Karl Dusen

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You get your way, Emily, but not because I'm smart

Well, Emily Ward, you got your way. I'm taking some time off, but not because I am smart and listening to you, but because I'm actually quite stupid.

No, I didn't hurt myself running.

Yes, much like the rest of my life, my reckless diet has betrayed me.

Last night after the "workout," I inflamed Dave and my tastebuds by talking about McDonald's. In previous week, Mike Smith had done the same to me but we hadn't followed up on it.

Well, I woke up several times that night with paralyzing indigestion. What in the world is this? Am I an adult? I need Tums! I have none! Ugh.

Needless to say, my plan to run to work ended up like many of my morning run schemes.

I spent most of the day acknowledging what I ignored before- I shouldn't be eating fast food. If I am serious about losing weight and running efficiently, I need to cut out the worthless foods I eat.

"Anyone who's ever built an empire cowered in the floor in pain where you are right now."

So, I will take today off. Depending on how I feel, I may take tomorrow off, too. Then when I am back in gear, it's time to eat for nutrition, not expedience.

An artist's rendering of me at work.

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  1. Charlie - I love your posts, but I think you need to sit down and develop a long term and short term plan here. You have to stop running yourself into the ground (from all angles!).
    BTW...I have been considering starting a blog, too. You are my main inspiration.