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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Getting there

I managed to lose most of the update I was writing for Saturday, so I am going to blend the two days into one. I doubt anyone cares.
Saturday marked my return to 60 miles a week for the first time since August. I topped it off with a 10+ mile out-and-back on the Towpath with a large (20 person) contingent of GRCers. The trail was icy in the middle but it worked. I had a chance to talk to Chris Sloane for a while and really develop some pity for him having missed out on the Steve Taylor era at Virginia Tech, but in talking to him about the pleasure of running at Richmond, I reminded myself how fortunate I was to go from such a quarter-assed team at Hampden-Sydney, a school where I wasn't enjoying myself terribly to an excellent program at Richmond, where I loved pretty much everything and gained a higher appreciation for the sport that continues to motivate me.
After the run, Jake Klim introduced me to Mimi's delicious egg sandwiches.
Sunday morning I came into the city to run from Amy Lazarus' place in Logan Circle. I really should have had the presence of mind to bring my running clothes when I went to her birthday party the night before and slept on the couch. Matt Ciccone has committed himself to running the Pittsburgh Marathon, and so we met up for a 4+ mile run, but first I had to get some extra mileage to make up my long run. I initially planned for 13 miles, so that would figure nine miles before picking him up. Amy's birthday brunch, however, necessitated I get Matt back to her place by 12. Because I was so late getting to her place to start the first portion of my run, I ended up cutting off what turned out to be a mile, giving me only about eight miles for part one, which, with part two, only equaled 12 miles. I also made the mistake of running counter clockwise around Hains Point, so I had the wind in my face on the way back, after I was already sweaty. I still ended up running 6:34 pace, though besides coming back of 14th street I didn't deal much with hills.
So, hitting 60 brings me two weeks from hitting 70, my optimal mileage. I did feel a little worn down this week, but I attribute that to my poor sleep. When I just went out and ran 10 miles, I felt great, and actually felt really at ease. I controlled my pace pretty well during the 20 minutes "on" during Wednesday's workout, and without the crippling stomach cramps at the end of last Sunday's 12 miles, I probably would have averaged under 6:10s.
Three major points for the next week:
1. Get to sleep before 10:30, or even 10.
2. Mix up some Gatorade with my water.
3. Run in the morning at least twice. Monday and Friday. Maybe doubles on Thursday.

I'm not running the indoor 3k on Sunday with the GRC boys, because I don't hate myself enough to force that right now, but I'll go and watch. Depending on when the race is scheduled, I may run in the afternoon and have breakfast early, to see how that works out for me.

Time for a nap.

Matt Ciccone and me running, not today, but rather when I bumped into him and Suj Shyam one December day in 2008.

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