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Monday, January 11, 2010

Hip to be Square

I foiled my plans to run in the morning today by not managing to wake up early enough. Actually, once I did wake up, I didn't really feel up to running then, either, but at 7:45 there's less of a choice to sleep in. It was 16 degrees when I left for work, so in retrospect I am glad I slept in, because I enjoy running in the cold a lot more when I have been awake for a while.
I've noticed I tend to sleep on my right side later into the night, and that is starting to wear on my left hip, because I don't think to get a knee pillow or something to keep my left leg from straining while I'm asleep, and it's starting to make my left hip uncomfortable, so I am going to be mindful of that. I seem to only be able to fall asleep on my back, though I unknowingly shift around, probably because my unwieldy tonsils choke me when I sleep and I am not too keen on choking.
Anyway, the hip was bothering me a good bit at work, and I jumped to the worst conclusion and diagnosed it as a stress fracture. There are few things worse than feeling tired at work, yearning (yes, yearning) to go running and wake myself up but also constantly feel like I caused the pain myself. It actually just feels like I have to crack the hip joint, like a knuckle. Sorry for the imagery.
I worked a little later than I had planned and started my run a little late, but by then it was 32 degrees. I did 10.3 miles, with six different segments throughout to check my pacing. I averaged 6:20 pace, with a slow point from 6.92 to 7.81 at 6:43 pace, but after than I dropped to 6:10 pace for 1.17 then 6:00 for the last 1.33. I felt pretty good and my hip wasn't a problem.


  1. What kind of hip problem do you have?

  2. Yesterday it started feeling like it wasn't totally right- almost like there was some seperation in the joint, like before you crack a knuckle. In general, it just feels tired. The pain some and goes, and it stops when I start running