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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Two unremarkable runs

For the 17th or so time this month, I failed in my attempt to run in the morning on Friday, even to do a simple five miles, so the task fell to the evening, when I was a few steps away from flopping in bed and going to sleep when I got home. Fortunately for my training plan, I had to return movies to the Falls Church library (which is outstanding, by the way. I did an altered Park loop. It was dark, boring, and over quickly enough. I erred, however, in staying up to watch the last Conan O'Brien-hosted Tonight Show, because I really needed sleep.

Saturday I went out to the GRC store for the group run. The weird feeling in my leg went back to my left hip, which just felt like a joint was askew. Coupled with my fatigue, within three miles I couldn't handle the pace and dropped back, and then started to surge to catch up to the pack and then fall back when I got bored. We went out on the Capital Crescent Trail and came back on a series of neighborhood trails in Northwest I wouldn't mind help identifying, and they were great trails, I just wasn't having a good day. Had Dave Wilson not been visiting from Pittsburgh, I really wouldn't have had much to which I would look forward, and even that was so far away at the time. Then I remembered Qboda had breakfast burritos, and there's a Qdoba a few blocks from the store, so I summoned my resolve and finished the loop and devoured one.

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