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Monday, January 18, 2010

Land of Confusion

For some reason I keep invoke song lyrics as titles for posts, and I hope to put an end to that soon.
That will probably happen as soon as I decide on my fall marathon. Initially, I was gung ho about running New York, mainly after watching Run for Your Life. Then I recalled that the race is in New York, which is a huge downside. Considering the arrangements that go into running the race, it doesn't seem as attractive. Plus, it's in New York.
Watching Richmond pumped me up for a competitive, but not overwhelming, race in a city I enjoy. Seeing Molz, Emily, Watson, and the Hannay race fired me up a lot, but unfortunately, it's the same weekend as the NCAA Regional meet, and I may want to watch Richmond race.
Other options include Chicago, in early October, which a number of GRC guys are doing; and Philadelphia, in late November. Both of those offer pretty fast courses, though I was less than thrilled with Philly when I ran with Lauren in 2007. Of course, Marine Corps is the easiest to reach and I like 80% of the course, but that last five miles is pretty boring.

Saturday morning, I Metroed and biked out to Joketon to the Difficult Run Stream Valley Trail, part of Fairfax County's cross county trail. There were a few paved stretches, but for the most part, the six-mile stretch I ran was dirt and wonderful. It was muddy at times, but that comes when a lot of snow melts.
It took me a while to get in a rhythm, but I enjoyed it. Once I figured out exactly where the trail went, I just kind of enjoyed a longish run in the woods. My watch battery died and I have yet to replace it, so I have no idea how long it took, but time was not my concern.

I took the Metro out to Landover to watch Klim, Karl, Mike and Pat Reeves run the 3k on an indoor track, and was delighted to see part of the Richmond team up there for the race. Only a few distance runners I knew- Nicol, Beth, Emma, Carter and Rachman, but I got to catch up with Lori and see Chris York run the 3k. Karl and Jake did pretty well in the fast heat, and watching them race was fun, and the experience told me three things.
1- I was glad I didn't decide to join them for this race. Not only am I out of shape for racing, but I hate indoor track air. I have never handled indoor races well, and the air is a big part of it. I am totally uncentered, even watching a race, indoors.
2-I do want to race soon, if just to get the feeling of competing again
3-There's no room for extra body weight if you want to have an efficient form.This was exaggerated coming around those tight turns, but it's a huge factor.

I hit 60 miles for the week, despite taking Tuesday off when my leg hurt. It hasn't bothered me while I run lately, but when I walk is a little different.

Sunday- I got a text from Towpath at 3:45 that he wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be running with the GRC in the morning, and I wasn't motivated enough to try to get a ride from someone else, so I slept in and waited for the rain to abate. When it didn't I decided to just go for it. I tried out a new route that took me north, almost to the Potomac River, up a steep hill from the Chain Bridge onto Glebe and back south. Unfortunately, I missed the turn and added about 2.5 miles.
My clothes were soaked and got pretty heavy, and I was tired by the time I finished and rather hungry. Even so, I am glad I didn't take the long trip for a run, the guys who went were pretty miserable.

Monday- Ran 10 miles at the Line with a bunch of GRC dudes, had a chance to get to know Patrick Reeves a little, whom I've been told I resemble a good bit. Those people are right. It's a little weird, to be honest, but he's a good fellow. I ran hungry, wishing I had somehow capitalized on my desire for a cheesesteak the night before. I still want one.

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