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Monday, January 25, 2010


A day after I felt great running my long run, I feel as though I have no reason to be confident in anything. I ran with Melissa after work around the mall, three miles on my own, four with her, two on my own, and not only was my left leg pain back, but my right hip has started to feel uneasy. I'm worried enough now to schedule an appointment with an orthopedist for next Monday, when I'm at the hospital anyway to be fitted for my oral appliance (read: retainer?) that will help me not choke on my tonsils when I sleep. Admittedly, I felt pretty cruddy all day, and didn't get a real breakfast so I was pretty weak when I ran. Afterward, I hit the treadmill to walk backwards for a while and stretch my legs out, and after a half mile of that I was totally depleted and lightheaded. I'm hitting bed early tonight and planning to make a huge omlette in the morning with the pan my brothers gave me for Christmas. It's capable of some pretty amazing things. I'm running with Alex and some fellows who live in Maryland tomorrow, so we'll see how things feel before I decide on a workout for Wednesday.

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  1. Don't ignore the leg pain! Haven't you learned by now? Take a few cross-train days.